ESNG meeting – 20 January 2021

A very good turnout tonight.  We were missing Brian though….

Please accept my apologies.  I’ve just woken up from a deep sleep – sadly not alcohol induced.

Strikes me Brian may have had the better deal…..

We started with the usual 6.  Paul must have been vaccinated, as he seems to be hanging from the ceiling….

But we got up to 9 of us on line – plus a clone of Phil’s railway.  And Phil’s cat….

Good to see trains running with Phil and Paul.  Paul summed it up well, and was showing off yet another bullet train….

Another ESNG Zoom meeting this evening. All discussions were focused on railways, model railways and Covid vaccinations. No mention of ex-President Trump, but we did have the company of a cat for a few minutes. I had trains running on my new set up, not entirely without a few teething problems. These will be addressed in the coming weeks, some are quite a challenge to sort out and will require some expenditure to resolve.

Latest addition to my Shinkansen fleet has arrived, the 500 – 7000 Plarail, 2nd from the left. The others pictured here are the 500-7000 Kasenger, 500 Series 16 car set, 500-7000 EVA and 500-7000 Hello Kitty. I have another 33 sets apart from these.

Also good to see Martin for a while.  He’s been laying track for the new layout….

He’s also bought a new railway transporter.  We’re wondering whether we can hi-jack it for a little trip to Stuttgart…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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