Potpourri #1017

No modelling progress – I’ve been enjoying the early spring sunshine, and reading one or two books.  I must get back to some modelling again!

The trouble is that there are so many great videos to watch on line.  I’m quite old enough, but I wouldn’t mind a visit to Kings Cross in this era!

This is how I remember it.  Still a lot of interest….

And some ‘real’ trains….

I know that we have a few ESNG members who are bus fans, too.  These all make good viewing.  I just about remember seeing London trolleybuses in East London on family trips up to Norfolk.  And then seeing them on my first visits to Tbilisi at the start of this century.  Once again, they had soon disappeared…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to Potpourri #1017

  1. Excellent footage – loved the parallel running heading into the throat outside Kings Cross!


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