Potpourri #1020

Some more random thoughts for a Monday.  This is one of the best micro-layouts that I have seen for a while (in HO).  Not a lot of operation, but an interesting track layout and plenty of fun shuffling the cars around.


Another idea for a micro – this time an interurban interchange.  Again, simple, but interesting.


Slightly larger, another L-shaped American layout.  Another interchange, somewhere in LA.  Perhaps a chance to run some Pacific Electric?


I’ve never been to Yoker – Google tells me that it’s part of Glasgow – but this engine shed layout would make an interesting stand-alone layout.


Turning to the real thing, an LBSCR ‘Gladstone’ class in 1925.  There are some interesting carriages in the train behind.  Either GWR, or perhaps more likely LNWR stock that hasn’t been repainted yet?  It’s often forgotten that in both the railway grouping in 1923, and nationalisation in 1948, it took some time to repaint everything, and a mixture of liveries could be seen.  Mind you, BR was much the same, and you could see a West Country at the end of steam pulling maroon, green and the new blue and grey coaches.


A more modern locomotive, but an earlier picture – a Brighton Atlantic.  Another most elegant locomotive, and I can’t wait to see the replica slowly being built at the Bluebell Railway.


Ryde shed, IOW, in the 1920’s, with one of those delightful Beyer Peacock 2-4-0T’s in the foreground.  The newly imported O2 in the background has yet to get its extended bunker.

ryde shed

Modelling challenges of the week.  First, one to slow down operation……


And the 1926 rebuild at Cannon Street.  No standard Peco geometry here!


Till next time…..

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