Covid-19 diary – Kuritu II – 5 – on the road again

The roads are now in place.  I started by raising the level of the board with some thin foam board, as this is so light, and was also the right thickness.  Just need to be careful to use non-vapour adhesives, and acrylic paints.  I then added the road surfaces, using some self-adhesive flexible road, and printed cobblestones.


Pavements will be added later, as the buildings go into place, in case some wider sections of paving are needed.  I did note a couple of things worth sharing.  First, a large black ‘Sharpie’ pen or similar is useful to blacken the edges of the foam and card and avoid white bits shining through the scenery.  And secondly, infilling track at the level crossings is easy with plastic card.  You need a piece 6mm wide to leave room for the wheel flanges.  Curving a 6mm wide piece is not possible, and cutting the plastic to the appropriate curve difficult.  But if the strip of card is cut down the middle, the two 3mm strips can be curved to suit – even down to the 150mm radius on the layout, then welded back together with solvent to retain the curve.

And here’s the end result.  All roads in place.


And this might be how the buildings will be laid out.  Having taken the plunge (again) and scrapped the town side of Kuritu, I tried a few layouts of the salvaged buildings to see what would look interesting.  I did have to bin a couple of buildings that were a little worse for wear – not from my salvage, but just from a number of years on the exhibition circuit.

Although most of this little layout has been built from things lying around the railway room, I have treated myself to a couple of Kato buildings from TrainTrax to fill in the gaps.  Usual instant service from one of the best traders around.  I think this might work!!

And a question.  Can you have a Terrier addiction?  This new one, ‘Brighton’ arrived today.  Shortly after construction, No.40 Brighton was chosen by William Stroudley to represent the LB&SCR at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and won a gold medal for workmanship.  The Dapol model has the record of the exhibition above its name on the tanks.

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