Potpourri #1022

What have we got for Wednesday?

Facebook often features Japanese modelling, bonsai style.  Tiny dioramas with exquisite detail, such as this one.  These little scenes might be just the way to have a quick change from your main project, and also to show off a model that otherwise wouldn’t have a home.


And a charming ‘O’ gauge micro.  Just a little bit bigger, but still very buildable.

Of course, you could go for live steam in the garden.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Reminds me of the usual ESNG club night???)

Moving to the prototype, I can remember that great episode of ‘Supercar’ (dates me) that included the London to Brighton in 3 minutes video.  Well, here’s London to Southend in three minutes.  I watched this to bring back 1981 memories of reverse commuting from London to Benfleet to work on Canvey Island, building the Thames Tidal Defences.  Canvey was (and no doubt still is) and interesting place – the soil underfoot was so solid that the ground actually went up and down (slightly) with the tide.

And here’s the modelling challenge for the week.  An elephant towing a Walrus!  I love this photo!  Maybe it’s a candidate for a Bonsai diorama?


And a little cameo to provoke conversation at exhibitions (whatever they are.)


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