Potpourri #1024 – Southern style

Mainly Southern Railway today…..

Very modellable spots.  Merton Park….

merton park

Portsmouth Harbour…..

portsmouth harbour

And on the Isle of Wight, Newport…..


And Smallbrook Junction….


Two from Tenterden Town.  Before closure and preservation, two goods trains on the same day, both one van long, but with different Terriers.  Completely modellable!!!

Tenterden Towntenterden

Uckfield, 1921.


Too big to model, but a great picture.  Waterloo, around 1900……


But to finish with something completely different, and seemingly also too big to model, this 1/32 Shinkansen 500 is enormous and amazing!  It’s got it’s own Facebook page.

James Sauter writes in one post:

1:32 Shinkansen 500 Bullet Train Project

I thought I’d make a post about a project I’ve been working on for about 10 years now. This has been a total joy for me, and I am in no big hurry to finish.  I edit, modify, improve all my parts all the time, to try to get the best, most realistic looking and functioning parts possible. The bodies of all the cars are aluminium, but the hyper-complex nose cone and all small details including working motorized bogies are all being 3D printed.

The best parts about this project, are all the crazy side-shoots that have come from it. I had to teach myself Solidworks, which I LOVE !!!! I have designed my own “G-Shorty” scale/gauge train system. Based off the Japanese B-Shorty idea, but scaled up to G-Scale models. It’s basically taking a G-Scale train, and making it about 1/3 the length.

I have a long way to go, but again, I’m in no hurry at all


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