ESNG meeting – 5 May 2021

Well, it might have been a Zoom meeting, but we were practising for escaping lockdown and the dreaded ‘Rule of Six’ this evening.  The Cha(i)rman was missing, presumably already asleep ready for work in the morning.  Paul was running the latest iteration of his layout, with up to 10 trains passing by on screen.  We had to turn the sound off once or twice, as the sound generated by all those N gauge bullet trains was deafening.  Only matched by Phil sneezing, that also took out a few ear-drums!!


Simon signed off, to watch Chelsea try and get to the Champions League final, but we were joined by Chris to keep the Rule of Six intact.


Conversation was of the usual low standard.  Paul must have been listening, as his account of the evening sounds pretty accurate to me!

ESNG Zoom meeting again this evening, possibly the penultimate one given that real live meetings are likely to return after 17th May. Not many participants, but interesting nevertheless. Topics under discussion included The Isle of Wight (again), the restored Brighton Belle Set, football including Chelsea, Norwich and Hereford FC, and a trip down memory lane to grounds and games that were visited or watched in the days of our youth. School sport was also on the menu, even more distant days of our youth. The shortage of British outline models was discussed and blamed on the container ship which ran aground in Egypt. No wildlife or pets appeared this week, but my trains made an appearance, running well although keeping a eye 10 trains running at once is a real handful.

What is exciting is that ESNG will start meeting again on 19 May.  Just the six of us at a time, but we should be able to set up a small modular circuit and run a few trains.

Kuritu II is nearly complete.  I’m stringing the overhead at the moment.  This aerial shot shows all the real estate.  More pictures to come soon.


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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