Potpourri #1029

Haven’t done one of these for a while…..

This video of Peter Denny’s ‘Buckingham’ shows just how good a model it was.  Way ahead of its time….

I’ve no idea where this is, but great film of rail and trams….

EDIT!  Thank you, Duncan, for the answer!

just seen your blog update. Your mystery video with the train and trams is in Liberec, NE Czech Republic.

The train is a special, but there used to be plenty of loco-hauled expresses around, at least a couple of years ago. It’s quite a beautiful mountainous area, and you can stay in that incredible TV tower shown in the film. It’s very 1960s James Bond, with a cablecar up to it. https://www.jested.cz/en 

There’s a large urban tram network, and also (the line in the video) one of the longest interurban tram lines in the world, running to Jablonec nad Nisou. It’s line 11, and you can run all the way (12km) for a few Koruny. There’s plenty of videos on youtube, like this: https://youtu.be/ncTXX-7lerI

Before Covid, we used to go there at least a couple of times a year, as Jablonec is one of the world centres of glassmaking. No idea what’s going to happen now, as we can’t buy glass there and drive it home anymore, due to Brexit. Can’t wait to get over there again though!

If you take the line west from Liberec through the mountains towards Dresden, you eventually pass this station: https://goo.gl/maps/xJFSfpucqJPqnx7K9

If you go north, you get to the border, and the line runs through Poland for a mile before entering Germany at Zittau. From Zittau is a fabulous Y-shaped network of 750mm steam railway into the mountains.

It’s a really nice area for a cheap long-weekend of interesting railways. great beer too 😉

Russian trams – indestructible!

Modelling challenges for the week.  Would anyone believe you for a moment if you put these on your layout?

A testament to human stupidity?

The 11foo8 bridge is a railroad trestle over Gregson St in Durham, North Carolina and it has earned a reputation for for its rigorous enforcement of the laws of physics. No truck taller than 11 feet and 8 inches will pass under this stubborn piece of infrastructure. Period. On this channel we document the various attempts of hapless drivers trying to get past this bridge. Some try to be sneaky, some try to be quick, some try to argue, but the bridge always wins. There is a reason why the locals call it the “canopener!” So if you’re driving a truck, please let these videos be a warning not to argue with low bridges. They have the law (of physics) on their side. Just heed the warnings and drive a different route. Be safe, y’all.

yovo68 – YouTube  – For example…..

Two pictures of Earlswood at Earlswood.  I lived a couple of houses along from those in the picture for 7 years.  That was pre-N gauge, with an O gauge layout in the loft that (almost) worked!

e1e2 Also on the LBSCR, Lancing Carriage and Wagon Works – looks far tidier than my workbench!


And a final modelling challenge – different?


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  1. Brian Seaman says:

    Some of those trams reminded me of several pacers I travelled on when in the north of England 🙂


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