A little (more) retail therapy

This week seems to have been very busy!  Not much time for modelling, but a little shopping.


This was a must to buy – a book of Somerset and Dorset track plans, with lots of interesting photographs and informative captions.  Plenty of modelling projects (that will never get constructed) lie within, and I have really enjoyed reading it this week. 

What stands out is the complete mixture of locos and rolling stock on the line.  It’s almost the ultimate Rule 1 railway.

Perhaps this is why I didn’t get much done this week (apart from rereading ‘Lord of the Rings’, perhaps for the 10th time.)

Completely recommended!

I’ve wanted a set of rolling roads for some time, for testing and running in locomotives.  So I treated myself to a set from DCC Concepts.  On the luxury end of things and a bit pricey, but very well made and presented. 

A nice touch from the NGF, received this week. I can put an exhibition plaque on the layout without it even leaving home….


Lovely bit of video, of the modern South Shore Electric.  A true interurban that has survived…

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