ESNG meeting – 18 August 2021

There must be something about Wednesday’s!  Rule of 6 yesterday, with the usual suspects in attendance…..


The Treasurer is trying to extract Graham’s pocket money!


We didn’t run that many trains, really.  We miss Paul filling the circuit up with Japanese stock.  Or maybe it was more that we settled down for a good chat!!!!

Well, it looks like some exhibitions are getting going again.  I understand that Tinkers Park was pretty covid-safe, as there was a gale force wind blowing through the exhibition sheds, the rain was of Biblical proportions, and mud was a bigger hazard than viruses – cars were being towed into and out of the car park.

Warley is cancelled – understandable for a massive show in a very expensive hall.  Any change in freedoms or attendance could be a financial disaster.  However, The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) is going ahead.  I think that I’ll give it a miss this year.  The organisers say that they will, “Practise social distancing: visitors are encouraged to keep a safe and comfortable distance apart – our gangways have been widened to permit this.”  I’m afraid that I think this official request to practice social distancing is slightly naive.  How do you socially distance in front of a small N gauge layout, let alone certain trade stands famous for the bargain hunting scrum?  Wider access and corridors don’t help much when looking, good as they are for moving around.  I hope that they have improved the toilets – these were very small and cramped for the size of event even before covid.  I suppose, though, that a certain distancing will be achieved between Everest-ready rucksacks and lockdown swollen bellies…. 

And Stuttgart is also going ahead, but at the moment with masks and social distancing.  As this is very much a social occasion, it might take a lot of fun out of the whole event.  I’ll see how this one develops!  

A nice little about Callington station.  An interesting prototype….

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