A little more humour, as the month draws to a close….

If David Attenborough took up train spotting….

0 - sd70

Real life imitates fiction (and my tracklaying) once again….

0 - reallife

It could also have been Thailand, Bangladesh or Vietnam….

0 - india

A few words of wisdom….

0 - train

A little cameo for your parking lot….

Put this on your shop and amaze all the punters.  (BTW, my daughter said she knew what this means, but I forgot – some very specialised equipment, I think.)

0 - scrabble

From N Gauge Forum….

Wife: why have you got the sieve in the garden???
Me: I’m grading this gravel to get the right sized gravel for ballast.
Wife: but why are you using the sieve???
Me: well the colander’s holes are too big.
Me: cos I’ve already put the gravel through the colander and separated out the big stones. It’s a 3 stage process. The big stones are WAY to big, the ones that goes through the sieve are ideal for ballasting and the stuff that’s left over I can use to fill wagons with. I’m saving money. A bag of ballast is about £6 and I think I would need 2, and this gravel was free from site.

Shes now gone off in a huff.

We’ll try and improve the quality next time out….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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