Going over to the dark side?

I’ve successfully avoided buying European trains over the years – despite being sorely tempted year after year at Stuttgart by ‘Flying Hamburgers.’

But I saw this on N Gauge Forum….

HN4297 Arnold The Berliner Royal Corps of Transport 4 Coach Pack.

The British military train travelled daily through Soviet occupied East Germany to the British sector of West Berlin. It’s arrival in Berlin was at Charlottenburg station. The train ran from 1945 to 1990. During the journey, the train doors were locked, an armed guard was on board and the British military and civil servants would take about 4 hours to cover the distance of 145 miles. RCT, 4-unit pack coaches in blue/beige livery, “The Berliner”, period IV. The specially packaged set comes with historic photos reproduced onto the box, special Train Instructions reproduced from the 1980’s and a short history. Alongside the 4 authentic coaches with UK flag – these are a stunning addition to any collection or layout.

With my family connections with Berlin, this was, I’m afraid, irresistible!  And when it arrived, it was as good as the advert suggested.  It probably needs one or two additional coaches to make up a train, but that may happen in due course. 

I liked the reproduction ticket provided.  Comments at ESNG suggested that ‘Conduct aboard the Military Train’ was no different from South West Trains in 2021.

Of course, a new train needs a locomotive – so a nice DB 141 class appeared off Ebay.


Unfortunately, I then noticed that DM-Toys also had a French Berlin military train.  This arrived a few days later from Germany, no problems buying it despite Brexit.


We’ll give them a run at Sunday’s ESNG meeting.  I suppose I’ll end up with a Flying Hamburger now…..

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