ESNG meeting – 10 October 2021

Eight members gathered this afternoon for the AGM and running day.  It was good to see the Treasurer back after having a heart pacemaker fitted.  There were, of course, the essential jokes that he had now gone DCC, and that he’d be able to control the trans by waving his arm up and down.

We gathered at 2pm and set up the layout, pausing at 3 for an hour’s AGM before returning to the important task of running more trains.  We ran a good variety of stock. 

Allan and Brian had new locomotives from Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I had bought an old Minitrix diesel to haul my troop train.  Aged but a nice model, and it weighs a ton!

And after a five year wait, my Gaugemaster Electro-diesel has finally arrived

Simon was running steam and diesel USA freight trains, incl


More Dutch trains from Brian….

Allan also ran this KESR permanent way train.  Did you know that a Dogfish was a Shark?


Paul had this lovely Japanese Railways inspection saloon on show….


And of course, Paul also had Thomas’ Japanese relation on show!

Paul took these pictures of ‘Thomas-san’, and summed up the afternoon….

The East Surrey N Gauge Group AGM took place this afternoon. Many topics were discussed, a rise in Annual and meeting Subscriptions were agreed to ensure that the group can continue. Our main concern is the dwindling number of active members, but this seems to be the case with many other clubs.

And, as usual, Brian captured the action on film…

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