More ill gotten gains

I recently had a text from a lady down in Smallfield, whose father, at the age of 98 (!!!) had decided to give up ‘N’ gauge modelling – having started it in his 80’s.  After looking at what he had collected, I put in an offer, and came home on Monday with an interesting load of items.

Perhaps the best finds were these – all in very good condition.  A Dapol Terrier (that will probably be kept), a Farish NSE 101 DMU, three Stanier coaches, and the ‘Day at the Races’ set (stock only.)


Plus a load of scenic items, tools, and some Peco wagons.  I also took his layout, about 3′ x 2′.  It’s not really useable, as you can see that some of the tracks are laid too close together.  But I think a lot of the track can be reused, and the board might be the basis for another micro-layout.

For all it’s shortcomings, I hope that I can keep building things this good when I am approaching 90!!

I suspect that I shall keep some of the models, and see if I can sell the rest at ESNG or our next show.

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