ESNG meeting – 17 November 2021

Bumper evening this evening – 11 members present!  The Treasurer was beside himself!!!  Here we have the usual suspects, some showing how not to do social distancing.

And with lots of members came lots of trains, including….

Great Western splendour and Channel Tunnel maintenance from Derek Atfield.  The Channel Tunnel didn’t seem to be running too well; Derek then realised that it was a dummy loco…..


More pre-grouping splendour…..

Japanese passenger trains, old and new……

Modern UK.  The HST special editions look especially good…..

American goods, together with a realistic looking crash. (Simon had just put the gondola there, but it looked as if it had fallen down the embankment.)

And more wise words from Paul….

Another East Surrey N Gauge Group meeting this evening with lots of attendees. I took another varied selection of trains. The JR West 500-7000 Series ‘Plarail’, the EF81 with the Type 14 coach set in Rainbow livery, a D51 with mail coach set, 2 x 3 car JR Central 373 and a 12 coach JR Central 300 Series Shinkansen. All ran perfectly!


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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