‘Allan, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Stuttgart anymore.’ #1

We should have been enjoying a little visit to Stuttgart this weekend, but having decided that it wasn’t wise to go there due to the high UK rates, we now find that Germany is as bad as the UK (almost.)  And my Ruth says that the south of Germany is the worst (or should that be wurst?)  So it’s probably a good thing that we’ve stayed at home.

But the intrepid Cha(i)rman has equipped himself with a variety of train tickets provided by Ron and headed west rather than east…..

The trouble with today was…. twice today after I put the tablet away a Class 66 went past with freight….. đŸ˜­

Train at Purley was 12 minutes late. Bl**dy good start to the day. Changing trains at Clapham, Working and Basingstoke. Then coach replacement at Andover to get to Salisbury. The train to Exeter St. David’s. Walked out of the station hotel was across the square.


Think I must of got on the wrong train somewhere.

And onto day 2…..

First day in Exeter. Thought I do a short journey today to Penzance……..
Lovely ride down but when I got to Penzance is was over cast with fine rain.
Class 43’s everywhere.

Who said I look like the back end of a bus…… LOL

And the scenic bits…..

More to come next time….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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