Prototypes for Wednesday….

A few pictures, all of which inspire a model….

First, some EMU’s.  An ex-LSWR suburban unit….


And a 2-NOL just up the line for us at Purley. No Class 59’s on aggregate in those days.


A 2-BIL with a 2-HAL…


Another 2-NOL, at Chertsey….


A ‘Nelson’ or 4-COR….


And a pair of 6-PUL’s.  Some real EMU’s here.  None of that modern rubbish!


A very modellable scene of Luton in 1955, with plenty of Ford Motor Company products, and an interesting selection of other wagons in the goods yard.


Two pictures of Midford, on the Somerset & Dorset.  The first is in 1961.  The second is a totally staged Ivo Peters photograph, where he persuaded the demolition train on the GWR branch below to pose whilst the train on the viaduct produced smoke.  Midford is a most modellable location, as the single track became double on the viaduct, as seen in Ivo Peter’s photograph.


And finally, a ‘wish I could have been there’ photo.  Eastleigh in 1955 during a train drivers strike.  A wonderful selection of ex-Southern Railway engines just waiting to be ‘copped’, including an interesting 4-6-0 in the background with a Drummond watercart tender.  Perhaps one of the rebuilds from Drummond’s rather disastrous 4-6-0’s?  What a contrast to the T9 4-4-0’s (second loco in the second row) that went on for ever….


PS I think I’ll give Eastleigh in 1947 a miss….


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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