Coming to the end of 2021

I’m looking back at 2021, and wonder what I actually achieved, railway-wise.  I’ve had a few months where I have done little modelling, and all my projects seem to have stalled.  But let’s look at the good things this year…

  1. I completed my rebuild of Kuritu, and ended up with a very pleasing little layout.
  2. I started my Minories lookalike, which stalled.  I have ideas of how to take this forward.  I just need to get off my rear and do something!
  3. I have a number of modelling projects under way or planned.  Again, just need to get on with them.
  4. Perhaps best of all, ESNG club meetings have restarted.  They have been a great comfort in another difficult year.  I have enjoyed meeting up with friends again, after 18 months enforced closure, and watching the trains go by on the club layout.


And what am I going to try and progress in 2022?

  1. Minories and the modelling projects mentioned above.
  2. A couple of new dash-boards for the club layout.  I have the baseboards; just need to complete them.
  3. And there’s a potential ESNG show on April 9 to organise.  Not a large exhibition, but hopefully it will happen.

I trust that this time next year, I can report rather more progress!

All that seems a bit depressing, so here’s another view of Heaton Lodge Junction.  I love the ‘fly-by’ shot of the Deltic.  I think that it’s the last day of running, as the layout is going on the road – but a bit like Pete Waterman’s rather inferior layout it needs it’s own accommodation.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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