Merry Christmas!

It’s another strange Christmas, but seasonal greetings to all my readers, and every blessing for the coming year.  

I wish….

Christmas past – a modelling idea for the festive season…..

Interesting backstory, too (Dr. David Turner, from Facebook)…..

Christmas trees being unloaded at the London & South Western Railway’s Nine Elms Goods Station in December 1906. They would soon be auctioned off to merchants from Covent Garden and other markets.

Whilst the trees shown came in from the Woking area, before 1914 the Christmas trees found in British homes also originated in Scotland and Yorkshire, with about a quarter being imported from Germany, Norway and Belgium.

Traders always hoped for a dry period before Christmas. As one reported in 1895, the railways’ charge for carriage was determined by weight, so if the weather was wet trees would be heavier and thus transit costs would be higher. Rates also influenced the nature of the product. In the 1890s most domestically grown Christmas trees were supplied with their roots. However, this added to the bulk and so, to reduce transit costs, these were increasingly cut off by the growers.

Now this is what I call REAL Christmas music….

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