A Minories of my own – 15 – reboot?

I was just getting back into my Minories, and coming to terms with the Finetrax points and making the point blades.  Then I saw this (I thought it must be coming, as Wayne Kinney has already done it for a set of 2mm Finescale products.)

This really is a gamechanger, as making the point blades is not difficult, but is the tricky part of a simple point construction.  And rail built frogs that look better.  And all chairs already in place, rather than having to peg them all in place!

From N Gauge Forum….

As such, I thought it would be a fitting time to announce some exciting news regarding upcoming changes to the Finetrax N Gauge range. Some of you maybe familiar with my recently released 4mm ‘Easy Build’ range, which differ quite a bit from the current N Gauge range in that the turnout base comes provided with all the chairs already pre installed. No sprues or individual chairs that need cutting off and inserting into the base one by one – a massive time saver!

Another huge change is the use of actual rail for the common crossing instead of using a casting. Instead, the kits come with 2x pre machined ‘V’ rails which simply slide into the base. This greatly improves the visual appearance and results in smoother running of stock.

The kits also come included with a pair of pre machined switch blades with plates and pins already pre soldered to them. No jigs, no filing of switch blades and no soldering of plates!

Having successfully done this in 4mm and now in 2mm Finescale for the 2mm Scale Association, it is of course only a matter of time before transferring these advancements over to the N Gauge range!

So I’ll shelve Minories again till January, and then order some new points.  It will cost a little, but will improve the project’s chances of completion.  In the mean time, I’ve plenty to get on with…..

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