Potpourri #1041

Some more odds and ends.  I’ve ventured back into the loft, so some modelling may get under way in the next few days!  But for now….

Mr Dawes sent me this most excellent link.  He knows how I like Terriers, and Jago Hazzard is always entertaining to watch.

New Year action from the USA.  I’ve no idea what the car driver was trying to do, but he must have had a drink or two to chase his car down the line having been hit by the train!

Another seasonal video – a bit long but some great Swiss rails in the snow….

A full size fiddleyard in France.  The ground even looks like a plywood baseboard.  The TGVs stored at the disused military camp at Ambronay.  (The soundtrack is terrible and well worth turning off.)  I think it looks a bit like Paul’s new living room…..

I’ve had complaints that this site isn’t educational enough.  So here’s a useful link.  English subtitles are available if you are not conversant in Finnish…..

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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