New Year resolutions

It’s not wise to make New Year resolutions – they just get broken (see yesterday’s post.)  But is also seems wise to put together a list of railway projects for 2022.  I need a list and some direction to get me out of my chair and modelling.  So, here are a few ideas for 2022….

My own projects

  • Minories needs the new Finetrax points and some solid work.
  • I have a lot of 3D printed bubble cars to put on flat wagons.  This stalled as I found the wagon number decals so tiny I gave up.  Must do better!
  • I have a load of plastic and metal kits, accumulated over the past five years or so, to put together.  These include wagons, coaches and locomotives of various kinds.
  • I need to do some tests with N couplers other than the Rapido’s that I still dislike immensely.
  • There are two plastic kits of tanks and one of an aircraft to build as a little light relief.
  • There’s some minor fettling to do on my two lockdown layouts to make running more reliable.
  • And I need to continue to sort out my accumulated gloat boxes and sell on what I really don’t need.

ESNG projects

  • I have two 4′ x 1′ boards in the loft to complete, to act as ‘super-dashboards’ for club running.
  • The new fiddleyard is still sitting in the church office.  Needs to be completed for any 2022 show.
  • There’s a club exhibition to plan (if it can go ahead.)

N-club projects

  • I have two small N-club boards that need a layout on them.  I need to plan what to make, and then complete them, for the next time that we actually get to Stuttgart.
  • Ideas might include purely scenic boards, as I have built so far and frankly the most likely to be completed.  Alternatively, I could work on some railway feature with added track – but what and from which continent is more tricky.

Better get on with it!  Well, if you keep reading through the year, you may find out whether I have managed to complete any of these!

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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