ESNG meeting – 9 January 2022

A rather more successful Sunday meeting – 10 members present, even though we were missing the Chai(r)man (with a genuine cold) and Simon (with genuine Covid.)  Paul reports…..

Another ESNG meeting, but more attendees this time with 10 members present. A variety of trains graced the modular set up without too many issues. My contribution was an E3i, the 500 series Kasenger, 2 E233 sets in different liveries and an EF81 in Cassiopeia livery hauling a 15 coach type 24/25 sleeper set.


Plenty of interesting trains on display today.  Pride of place goes to a pair of N Gauge Society Hunslet shunters.  Lovely little models, and they ran very well.  Nice NGF anniversary wagon, too….


An interesting selection of stock from Lucas….

A full fiddleyard….


A little wiring carried out on a corner…..


Neil was testing a range of stock…..

At the end of the afternoon, I ran in my new ‘N’ class 2-6-0.  I like the black Bulleid livery, with yellow lettering shaded green.  It then headed a short goods train.


The usual suspects! 

And Brian recorded it all on film….

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