Legs, legs, legs

Many moons ago, just before the first 2020 lockdown Derek Apps used the end of the plywood we used for the new ESNG fiddleyard to cut me the parts for two 4′ x 1′ boards, to make ‘super’ dashboards for the club.  I wanted to make boards that were small enough and light enough for regular club use, but a little wider to prevent stock falling to the floor.  A year later, I thought that I would make a start on them, and found that the plywood surfaces had warped significantly – the ply was still usable in small pieces, but could not be pulled back into shape as a baseboard top.

Another six month of 2021 pass, then I get a sheet of 9mm ply cut to provide two new baseboard tops, and some spare ply for other uses.  I get the basic frame built, then start thinking about legs (baseboard legs, that is – see the end of this post for other distractions.)  I wanted to have folding legs with a simple stay, rather than slot in legs, that are easy to leave behind when you go to an exhibition.

After another few months, when my modelling inspiration was, in any case, rather low, I was searching RMweb for inspiration, and came across this very neat design.


And here it is on the first of the two boards.  A single leg, as the second board will have two, then the two will be hinged together to give an 8′ run.  When upside down, the stay won’t stay in line, but turn it the right way up and the weight of the timber holds it rigid in place.  I may add an extra piece of timber to allow the stay to be clamped as in the first two pictures – not necessary, but perhaps useful for exhibitions to give it a little more strength.

And here is the leg folded.  I think (modestly) that this looks neater than the original RMweb design.  Legs on the other end of the board will fold flat between this set.


The second board is already well under way, and we’ll see what comes out of the build in due course.

And to introduce a little culture into the blog – here are some more legs!

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