Ballast and an exhibition

Next job, ballast the main line.  The secret of ballasting, I think, is to do a bit at a time.  Try and do metres at a go, and one gets careless and starts to make mistakes.  I’m pretty happy with the end result.


Last Saturday, I had a pleasant morning with Derek Atfield, and visited the West Sussex N Gauge Group’s Open Day.  Coincidentally, this was the last show I went to before the 2020 lockdown.  It was good to see friends from the group, and to be welcomed with a big smile and a hand shake (we are allowed to do that now, I think.)

Modular layouts in N-mod and T-track….

Gilly North’s latest creation, as excellent as ever…..

Interestingly, Google tells me that there is a Gilly North Colliery, Soleimont (Soleilmont), Fleurus, Hainaut, Wallonia, Belgium.  I don’t think that this is what is modelled here!

I’ve always liked Lansdowne Lane, here exhibited as a stand-alone layout….

Derek resisted the bargains on offer.  I didn’t, and came home with three coaches.

On the way home, we dropped in to Morris Models, as he is retiring and had some of his stock on offer.  Derek was tempted.  I couldn’t resist this 1/48 scale Tiger Moth kit.  One of my favourite aircraft….


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