ESNG meeting – 16 March 2022

Another non-meeting on Wednesday.  A couple of people had to drop out, so I decided to cancel the meeting.  And then forgot to tell one of the people who was still coming.  Another fine mess by the club secretary……

However, Monday’s work on the fiddle yard was more successful.  Simon and Derek laid some more track, and I continued wiring the end boards.  I was worried when I put some power on the track, that I had wired the microswitches around the wrong way.  Fortunately it turned our that the problem was two years of dirt on the newly laid track.  A good rub with the trusty bath rubber and power was restored.

And at home, I’m making good progress on buildings for my new N-mod modules.  I bought a couple of the structures, but others are Ration kits, and I have been putting them together and painting them.  I shall soon be considering the landscaping needed on the boards.  More pictures (I hope), soon.

I close with this lovely illustration of Brighton at its best….


About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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