Good enough for the show….

A little more progress on the new modules.  I’ve completed the ground cover and trees and bushes.

I’m pleased with the final scenic addition.  I wanted to model a pair of, albeit short, carriage sidings, and model the cleaning platforms.  It took some time to work out how to model something similar to the Southern concrete ones.  However, a length of Plastruct girder of the right height and width, sliced up to make the supports, and planked plastic card for the platform makes a fair representation.  The camera is, of course, cruel, and the platforms look good at normal viewing distances.


Today I’ve added some more fences and hedges and planted the telegraph poles.  The tunnel or bridge that is planned to cover the hinges between boards won’t get done for this years show, and I still want to add a few vehicles and figures.  However, I think that’s near enough, and these are meant to be ‘working’ modules, to be regularly used by the club and its members.  I’m wondering whether the signal box needs some point rodding – but I think this is probably too fine a detail for the board.  The Farish platelayers ‘hut’ matches the signal box really well.


And finally, I have a name for the modules.  It’s a poor memorial, but I’ve decided to name these new modules, “Saggers Sidings.” It does have a certain swing about it, but the layout will be missing the necessary curry house….

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