ESNG exhibition 2022 – Nmod

I didn’t take many photos of the show, as my phone spent the day connected to our e-commerce terminal.  But I did sneak a few shots just before opening time.  So today it’s the N-mod layout, next time the other layouts on display.

We set the main modular layout up in the church, with a fair sized 3×2 module layout.  It’s strange looking at this photograph to think that 24 hours later I’d be sitting at the back of the hall operating the PA system (and keeping awake after the hectic Saturday playing trains.)

A feature of this show was that many of the modules were new ones, built during lockdown and beyond.  On the left here is Dave’s canal basin scene, one of the older modules on show.


Derek’s first club corner.  The clubhouse in the middle is a model of one in Stuttgart and named after a late ESNG member.  These new corners have super-elevation on the track, that looks great watching trains tilt as they go around, but is a pig to clean the track – you can’t do all four lines together.


Derek’s Doverwood has removable scenic sections.  These houses can be a building site or a variety of other plug-in scenes.  It’s the only module where the scenery moves faster than the trains.


Frenches Road has a passing resemblance to the local scene.  The disused branch to British Industrial Sand is in the foreground.  On the road itself, the Chai(r)man’s milk float passes the Treasurers house, complete with sheeted caravan and battered Ford Mondeo.


No exhibition is complete without ERIC the roundhouse there.  Each time we exhibit ERIC it is filled by a different member, or to a different theme.  This time Allan displayed his EWS and DB diesels.


My ‘Saggers Sidings’ had progressed a long way since it was last at a club meeting, a month before.  Here a couple of DMU’s stand in the carriage cleaning sidings.


Derek’s second club corner has the usual interesting cameos to see.  I hope we remembered to remove the drawing pin box (used to put the curtain around the layout) before opening time!


I’ll put the rest of the pictures up in my next post.  In the meantime, Brian’s usual excellent video shows all the layouts operating, and plenty of people around the halls.

Fast forward to this morning.  Crossing our local railway bridge, a Class 66 and ballast train was waiting in Earlswood station.  I waited to see it accelerate away effortlessly with a long train of wagons.


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