ESNG exhibition 2022 – the rest

And so to the other, non-modular layouts. We had an interesting variety on show.

Nick Falconer brought along Bahnbetriebswerk Königshafen for its first show.  The layout represents a small German locomotive service depot (Bahnbetriebswerk or Bw for short) with facilities for diesel and electric locos. A steam museum now occupies the old turntable and engine shed. The depot is intended to join in with larger modular systems following N-Club International’s standards, however here the main through lines are served by a pair of automated fiddleyards.


Martin’s Dav-Tree was still a bit of a plywood prairie, but he was able to bring along a lot of the buildings to give an idea of how the scenery will look.  And it will look excellent when complete.  This long layout gives long modern trains a chance to stretch their legs.

Neil brought along Stonecombe, a very neat and compact branch line terminus.


Sean’s Forrestone looked, and ran, as well as ever.


Dan Hull kindly came along to fill a gap after a layout dropped out.  He was showing off some of his lovely kit and scratch-built models, many from 3D prints.


Dan was also wearing his Rapido UK hat, and brought along the prototype versions of the proposed Class 28 Co-Bo and Conflat P.  Both look excellent and the Co-Bo runs (and sounds) very well.  If you’re interested, get an order in soon, to make sure that production goes ahead.

Finally, I put my two lockdown layouts in the refreshment room as dioramas, correctly guessing that I’d be too busy to run trains.  Cazenovia has the dubious distinction of having been to two shows (one virtual) and collecting two plaques without a train moving.  It does work – really it does…..

And so to next year.  I’ve begin thinking about it, I’m afraid.  It’s a difficult decision.  It would be good to hold a larger show, perhaps having a try at using Reigate College as we nearly did in 2020.  Or do we hold another low-risk show at the church, that will be a whole lot easier to arrange?  I guess you will find out here in due course!

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