Potpourri #1049

Not much modelling done this week.  A couple of days were needed to recover from the show!  We understandably cancelled the Sunday club meeting the next day.  But the week has still flown by.  Tidying up loose ends, balancing the books and paying the cash float back into the bank took a little time.  Then we had to buy a new dishwasher after our present one went random on us.  (It dates from 2009, so it probably doesn’t owe us anything.)  Thursday, I went down to Rolvenden for Miles’ wake.  And Friday was Good Friday, so off to church.  And I still haven’t tidied up the loft, so I have three railways still gracing the lounge…..

Enough rambling!  A few nuggets to enjoy….

Rather larger than N, but rather impressive.  I hope it doesn’t give Paul too many ideas!

How about a trip on the Regent’s Park monorail?

Two pictures of Andover, c.1913…

An LBSCR H2 Atlantic.  A beautiful design, and the BR mixed-traffic black seems to suit it well.  Or perhaps you could paint them almost any colour and they’d look good!


But maybe not violet!  I know Her Majesty has been around a very long time, and we’re getting extra bank holidays, but is this fair on Taw Valley?  I guess that it’s only paint, but….

The newly formed British Railways did try out a purply-blue, before settling on blue for their express locos.  But it was a deep blue colour, not a lurid lilac!

Finally, I’m impressed by this module leg design – folds up to nothing.  I’m investigating further.Schattenbahnhof_IMG_20220410_212700_Medium  

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to Potpourri #1049

  1. Christopher McCutcheon says:

    Hey im very new on this site, my first comment. Love the pics you have posted.

    . Ive started collecting southern Railway locos from the 1940’s to end of steam era. Already have about ten steam locomotives, I have purchased coaches to make up an Atlantic coast express. Im concentrating on modelling the Ilfracombe – Bandstable line. Research is going well.

    Not bad so far, and I live in Australia.

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