ESNG meeting – 24 April 2022

We didn’t get to run trains today, but had a thoroughly useful afternoon.  Just the four members turned up initially, and seemed content to take a comfy chair and chat.  Allan was hoping to make a few repairs to ERIC (the roundhouse).  Then the first surprise of the afternoon when Phil turned up – first time we’d seen him since the pandemic started.  Lovely to see him, though conversation was limited as he had lost his ear trumpet.

We then started thinking how to fit the new fiddle yard into the storage cupboard, and had a profitable rearrangement of things, and threw a few bits out.  Derek has been able to get rid of the two new club corners from his lounge, and we will be able to use them on club nights.  We still have to make a few changes to the shelving in the cupboard, but that will be for another day.

And the afternoon finished with the usual curry.

Elsewhere, Alpenbahn didn’t get to the ESNG show, but did get to the Swiss Railway Society AGM.  Paul took these pictures, and says that it all ran reasonably well, with the odd gremlin!

Martin’s Dav-Tree did get to the show, in pristine plywood.  Martin has since started to block in the scenery, though there’s a long way to go still.


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