What next?

With the exhibition over life is beginning to return to normal. It has taken 2 weeks for the layouts in the lounge to return to the loft. I’d made such a mess moving them out, that a little reordering was needed. So a lot of modelling time has been spent tidying things up – and it’s looking a little better, especially after buying some more Really Useful Boxes to stack things in.

Plus I’ve got out into the garden to face the usual battle against weeds and grass in the wrong place. And discovered a number of new muscles in the process…..

But two questions now remain. Firstly, what do ESNG do for a show next year. Do we aim for something bigger, with its inherent risk, or play safe with another small show like 2022? I know that some members would prefer one, others the other. We shall see, but whatever we decide, we need to get going soon if we are aiming for a bigger show.

The second is to choose another project (or three) to work on. I really ought to finish some of the things that I have started. Layout wise, I need to finish my N-mod modules, and I have a couple of N-club boards that could be finished. I also need to return to my Minories. Model wise, I have too many kits in boxes needing attention. I really just need to get on with something!

Tomorrow, it’s back to an ESNG Sunday meeting. Looking forward to it!

Let’s close with two pictures of Southern passenger trains at the same location near Chiselhurst.

And a fine picture of Winchfield station on the LSWR.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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