(Almost a) Minories of my own – 19 – arches

For I’ve been mulling over how to make the arches for my station. I looked at the DM-toys laser cut models, but they didn’t look British enough. The Scalescenes cardboard kits are very nice, but the brickwork looks a little flat. Simon offered to 3D print some for me, but I didn’t get beyond trying out the drawing software. The last option was scratch-building from Plasticard. Possible, but the curves arch brickwork would be difficult.

I then happened upon these Faller kits. I bought one, and it looked just what’s needed. I’d set my viaduct to suit Scalescenes, but the Faller arches are the right height, perhaps with a cast iron railing above – a fine etched one rather than the plastic ones shown on the kits below. The brickwork is a little large for ‘N’, but it is well moulded, and all the arches and coping stones look good.

Of course, the arches themselves will need to be filled in, but a little brick plasticard will do that job.

Unfortunately, Faller don’t seem to be making these kits at the moment. However, I have bought enough for the layout – a couple here and there – mostly, amazingly, from Amazon.

It will be a little time before I get around to using these kits, but they are now in stock and ready.

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