North Norfolk Railway – 1

Following the weekend in Lowestoft, Allan travelled north to Sheringham and the North Norfolk Railway.  Although the line has a distinctly Great Eastern flavour to it, it was in fact part of the rival Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway.  Both of these lines have most attractive liveries.  The GER painted its locomotives in a rich royal blue colour.  The MGNJR used a shade often known as ‘gorse’, a bright orange brown.  Perhaps a bit like the Brighton line, but without the slightly odd green tinge!

Today has a GER flavour.  Here are some pictures of their little Y14 (better known as J15 in LNER and BR days) 0-6-0.  A pretty little locomotive in its blue livery.  Holden developed a most efficient boiler with the dome set well forward, reducing the distance the steam had to travel to get to the cylinders.  Just under 300 of these locos were built.  Some went to Europe in WW1, and many of the class survived into later BR days – they were, as Thomas said – very useful engines.  Just this one is preserved.

The line has a number of GER coaches and vans, including a coach from the Wisbech & Upwell tramway (home, of course, of Toby.)

There was also a MGNJR intruder to be seen.


More from the NNR in a day or so.

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