Potpourri #1056 – Another ESNG edition!

Another post of ESNG members activities.

Stefan mailed me in response to the newsletter…..

Also in tribute to the Queen, you’ll find her in front of my “British Shop” at “Stefanstor” station

Nicely done, though she seems to have escaped the security detail.  Perhaps Philip is already inside…


Dave has been on holiday again, looking at railways past and present.  Telford….

Not a lot to see but they do have a big model railway.

The lime works at Pant.

Narrow gauge system with some track still down. Two inclines together one in Wales and one in England.

And the Leek and Manifold Light Railway.  One that didn’t survive to be a heritage line, and notable for its colonial style locos and coaches, and transporter wagons for standard gauge trucks.

A narrow gauge railway that ran from nowhere to nowhere! Station now a museum with sleepers in the carpark.

And to finish, a few more short videos of Brian’s trip to Dresden.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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