Two exhibitions and a breakfast

Wasn’t there a film with a similar name many years ago?

Allan asked whether Derek and I were interested in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, followed by visits to the Worthing and Dorking MRC exhibitions.  An offer not to be turned down.  Even if the exhibitions were average, the breakfast would be excellent (it was) and the company was tolerable 🙂

The Worthing show was long and linear, spread through the school corridors.  A lot of second-hand trade to scratch around in, and some good layouts.  It was interesting that they had taken the same approach as we did this year for their first post-covid show – use local layouts and club members’ layouts, reducing costs.

Holly Bank Holly Bank Grove is based very loosely on York South shed, and models a busy steam shed in the late 50’s early 60’s.  Lots of locomotives to spot.

Loftus Road remains a favourite of mine, set on the West London Line (perhaps near a certain football ground) in recent years.  Lots of fine scenic modelling, and interesting trains passing through.  Clever use of European structure kits too, anglicised to capture those typical West London Georgian terraces.


The van hire wash is very well observed….


Foxwell Lane was a small engineers depot.  I liked the typical urban backscene….


Andrew Knight is one of the best at making small, interesting, layouts.  Wandleford Junction is a simple Southern Electric layout.  Interesting track layout and some nice details – and of course the EMU’s, that were the local railway when I was growing up.


I came away with a wagon, a double controller for £10, and a book that I couldn’t refuse for £1.75!


So on to Dorking.  A good number of ‘N’ gauge layouts here.  And our old friends from the West Sussex were exhibiting, with the usual suspects.


Major junctions were the order of the day.  Horsham MRC were showing Battledown, an 18 foot long N Gauge layout is based on Worting Junction and the Battledown Flyover just to the west of Basingstoke where the lines to Salisbury and Southampton divide.  A good place to spot trains!

Ashborough Junction is the Dorking club’s new N gauge layout, with a similar theme.


And a little narrow gauge to finish a good morning out.  Both shows had plenty to interest and some good modelling – I’ve only recorded those layouts that I particularly liked or caught my eye.  Next visit, probably Uckfield in a couple of weeks time.  This is always a good show, and one of ‘must visits’.


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