On a Swiss Roll #1

I’ve lost track of which number holiday this is for Ron.  But I do know that it involved a return to Switzerland.  I’ve mainly posted the train photographs, and what struck me was the wide range of liveries that Ron has recorded.  So off we go….

Early start. Train from Purley and Eurostar both delayed. From arriving in Paris 2hrs 45 min  to change stations and catch train to Geneva for train to Aigle for coach transfer to hotel where we are due at 8pm local time. Avoided long coach trip round Paris by paying to take RER train and despite getting lost in the underground station still got to Gare de Lyon over 30mins before group arrived by coach.

Paris Gare de Lyon…



A sunny autumnal day. Free day so set out to do a simple return rail trip via Aigle and Bex to Col Dr Bretaye. Return trip to Bex wants t**s up. The 1145 could not run because of a brake problem and this was last through train for 2 hours. Got on the delayed 1215 to Villar only to be told there was a problem and would have to change at Glyon. The return trip took twice the advertised time. Am now sitting at Bex with a long wait for train back to Aigle. Was walking up platform ramp when train pulled out.

Looks like the train services have gone to the dogs!


And a touch of tourism….

Leysin Feyday station


More from Day 2 next post.

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