A day out on the River Thames

No trains today, but Allan spent a day on the Thames, and sent me the photos.

Got off the bus at Putney Bridge to see the 10.30 boat about to leave. So made my way to get the last boat of the morning at 11.00. Only to find it was delayed by 20 minutes.  Had a lovely cup of tea as the boat made its way down the Thames. Was heading to North Greenwich O2. Had to change boats at Greenwich. Just wished we had a sunny day.

A few reflections from the boat windows, but some pictures of well-known landmarks from a different angle.  All showing what a great river the Thames still is (and quite a contrast to Ron’s Swiss shots.)

Starting in deepest Putney….

Is it a bird, is it a plane?


Chelsea Bridge…


Battersea Power Station.  You could have gone shopping, Allan – the shops finally opened to the public as you passed the front door.


And of course the London Eye.  Next to the old County Hall, the GLC headquarters, where my mother-in-law worked for a time.


A slightly out of focus Globe Theatre, and a rather tall Shard….

HMS Belfast, and a supply ship…

And of course, Tower Bridge.

The warehouses up and downstream of Tower Bridge have become very expensive apartments.  I can remember them with cargo vessels alongside.  Those were the days, my father told me, when if you fell in the Thames they stomach pumped you first and resuscitated you second.  Now you get sea horses swimming upstream!  Nice to see a working tug and barge, though.

And so to another childhood favourite visit, the Cutty Sark, probably the last great tea clipper.  All restored after a disastrous fire.

Next post will (probably) include some model trains!

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