Potpourri #1058

A few more links to peruse….

Who will be the first person to model this?  Looks like the end result of an ESNG running night to me.

Another view of Morden (just behind the old milk depot.)

Jago Hazzard is always interesting and amusing, whether he is on the tube or visiting Kings Cross….

China still had steam to see in 2011….

Trams in Alexandria, Egypt.  Near misses galore!

Some rather mor relaxed trams in Bucharest!

A rather good micro layout.  Simple automatic shuttle operation, but plenty to look at.

Hopefully next post there will be an ESNG meeting to report on (providing some members turn up.)  And I should have some modelling to show before long.  After a couple of weeks off, I’ve been back at work in the loft.

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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2 Responses to Potpourri #1058

  1. Dave C says:

    I was inspired by the milk depot at Morden to build Mossdale Road, a small shunting layout in N gauge.

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  2. Thanks for linking this interesting little layout, Dave. I was sure that this location hadn’t gone unnoticed by other modellers – there is one OO layout, too, somewhere on RMweb, with some good links and pictures


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