West Sussex N Gauge MRC show – 2022

And a very pleasant day was had by one and all.  Allan, Sean, Lucas and I exhibited our two layouts, and it was good to see present and past ESNG members Dave, Ian, Peter and Mike – as well as all of our West Sussex friends.  We were well looked after, fed and watered.  And the great advantage of exhibiting small layouts was that we were out of the hall in 15 minutes after the show ended.

Kuritu behaved very well at its first running exhibition, with no derailments and generally reliable running.  It received some pleasing comments and a possible show invite.

Sean’s Brunswik also ran well, despite a few Lucas inspired crashes!  It was also very well received, and we successfully flew the flag for ESNG.

Elsewhere junctions seemed to be in fashion…

Lego and little trains….

The West Sussex modular layout looking busy!


A friendly day playing trains – worth the early start (very early, actually, to catch breakfast on the south coast before setting up the layout.)  And that’s exhibiting done for the year.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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