The day after….

Having exhibited Kuritu, what did I learn for future reference?

  • I got a lot of positive comments, that is always pleasing, if bad for the ego!
  • Exhibiting a small layout is wonderful, as the set up takes 20 minutes, and the breakdown 10.
  • There was no need for complex operation of the layout.  We kept a tram running at all times, occasionally stopping in the station or swapping over trams.  There was enough on the layout itself to keep people interested.
  • Overall, the layout was very reliable – only one derailment all day, I think.
  • I need to do a little more work on the layout.  It was very noticeable that the most reliable trams were those with flywheels.  An advert for electro-frog points?  I wonder whether I might try and replace the motor on a tram with one with a flywheel?
  • We lost quite a lot of the overhead wires when cleaning the track and railing trams.  They look great, but I may remove the rest as just being impracticable.

And I have forgiven the gentleman who visibly sniffed and moved on when he saw Japanese trams…..

I haven’t reported on my N-club module for a while.  I’ve ballasted the track and am creating the scenery.  Pictures below show:

  • The scrap yard – and a shout out for N Gauge Models 3d printed items.  Very well designed and reasonably priced;
  • A works building (Pikestaff modified), and
  • The start of the bus garage (Southdown) with the fuelling point.  The brick wall behind is an excellent Auhagen plastic kit.

Finally, any incoherence in the above is due to the below.  I’ve avoided covid for nearly three years, and it’s finally caught up with me.  I went to bed on Saturday feeling a bit off, but put that down to the early start and long day.  Woke up Sunday with enough symptoms to need a test – and here’s the result.


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