Another project completed….

As a viable alternative to Ron’s drinker’s guide to Germany, here’s another project that I actually finished today.

You may recall, I was strengthening my N-mod loop and adding new, folding legs.

Here’s the end result.  The leg stays are cheap and cheerful ones for folding tables off Amazon.  I’m not sure that they are strong enough for weekly club use, but for a few days a year at exhibitions, I think that they’ll do the job.  The board is much more stable now, and despite the added wood, still quite light.

Next job – perhaps complete the rewiring of my N-club boards.

Last Saturday, before the snow arrived, I believed Brian’s email and late afternoon took myself off to Reigate station to see Tangmere again.  I thought that the steam effects would be good on a freezing afternoon.  Well, no Tangmere (the service was cancelled), but I did spot a few more common local trains before retreating to the warmth of the car.


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