I’m only here for the Glühwein #1

It’s been a matter of weeks since Ron last went overseas – but he’s been on his travels again. He claims it’s to visit the German Christmas markets, but Allan and I think it’s for the glühwein (with the odd strudel thrown in.) We have the evidence, that will be presented below.  Allan forwarded me most of these photos….

“First of the trip – The only reason he goes to Germany “


And at the Boulevard Cafe Quedlinburg….

“Look what else he found……..”


“He found more Jon…… (the last one has rum in it)

“He found some more. Dolce Fredo Eiscafe at Leipzig Hbf.”


“Will be breath testing him on his return.”


“He must be getting tipsy after all these Gluevines.”

As predicted No 7. (Editor’s note – we lost count somewhere between number 4 and number 7.)


Allan: “And even on his way home he finds some…..”.
Ron: “Get breathalyser ready. No 8 picked up during layover in Cologne.”

Layover sounds about right to me – or maybe fall over?


And here are a few of Christmas markets, just to prove Ron did visit one or two….

Next post, we’ll get back to the more serious stuff.  I have some railway photos from Ron, including some with a lot of snow.

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