Erith MRS exhibition 2023

Saturday, and another morning in the company of Mr Dawes.  Collected early to have time for a breakfast – as a retired milkman, I’m convinced that Allan knows every cafe in the south-east…..  Even after a top-up of tea and coffee, we had a queue to get into the show, but we were able to have a good look around before it filled up.  I haven’t got pictures of everything, but here are a few items that I especially enjoyed…..

First the Minories department.  Hallam Town is classic Minories in 2mm finescale, but moved north into the Midlands.  If I recall correctly, the layout was built over a weekend at a show.

And St Saviour Street is a slightly developed Minories in N.   Again, simple but effective scenery.


I enjoyed Seaton in P4, modelling the station in LSWR days, with a more complex track plan than when the Southern rationalised it.  And some excellent old goods wagons on show.


I’ve seen Barryconnell Road before, but it’s another layout always worth a look.  It’s circular, and models Irish 5′ 3″ standard gauge (with the correct scale track gauge) in 3mm.  Great modelling!



Lots of lovely overhead in HOm on the RhB Santa Maria.


I liked Sheepcroft in EM – a simple minimum space plan but well modelled throughout.


Fawcett Street offers plenty of shunting in a small space, with a clever track plan…


Lots of snow on Que’vy….


Light railways in O and in Kent with Sarre.


A Scottish River on Mertonford…


And to finish, a rather ethereal picture of Ray and Anna, who as usual brought their living room and coffee table to the show.


There were a number of layouts that seemed to have just moved on from Canterbury last week.  I haven’t repeated the pictures….

Erith is billed as one of the biggest shows in the south of England.  It lived up to that billing.  Masses of trade, though mainly selling second-hand OO stock.  And perhaps too many generic OO layouts for my rather fussy liking.  But a good morning out, and we ran into a good number of friends at the show – exhibitors, traders, or just good honest punters and ESNG members.

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