Potpourri #1065

It’s been a busy week, so nothing too original today!

Yesterday morning was spent helping run our toddler group.  And I spotted a pre-school version of that world famous Rule 1 – Percy goes High Speed!


Give him a few year and he’ll walk into ESNG.  And certain ESNG members have been circulating this typical example of club night running.  At least the new fiddle yard doesn’t do this as often!


Another nice picture of Bulleid’s 1-Co-Co-1 diesels – 10203 in early BR black livery.  Much as I like Peaks, these machines are even better to look at.  The chassis’ were very similar, I believe, so there is potential for a model here, if one can get a cheap Peak chassis.


Two Southern named trains.  First the Golden Arrow, with a Spam Can waiting in Stewarts Lane to move back to the train waiting in Victoria Station.  And a well kept L1 4-4-0 next to it.


And the Devon Belle, headed by Merchant Navy class ‘Channel Packet.’  The early BR blue livery suited the unrebuilt Merchant Navy’s better than the various shades of green they appeared in.


Talking of L1’s, two more pictures of this Maunsell 4-4-0.  Built in 1926 for the south-eastern section these were a development of the earlier SECR D, D1, and L classes.  In some ways already dated, they performed very well and had a long and useful life, before being displaced by larger locos and electrification.

And their ancestors, the D1 and the L classes…

And finally for today, keeping the SECR theme, an R1 0-6-0T.  Elder readers may have had the Hornby-Dublo version of this little loco.  I never owned one, but did have a chassis with a Wills white metal kit of a LSWR G6 on top. 


Meanwhile, my modelling this week largely consists of designing a diode matrix.  I hope to be able to report soon on ESNG’s next building project….


And certainly on Sunday’s running afternoon….


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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