Tonbridge MRC show 2023 #1

Saturday morning and a visit to the Tonbridge show – by train.  I was going to do this in 2019, but there were engineering works and a replacement bus service, so I just didn’t bother.  Then came covid….  The trip by train is a pretty run across country on one of the longest sections of straight railway in the country – almost a Roman railway!

Waiting for Allan on Redhill station, this continuous rail train rushed though, topped and tailed by Class 66 locos.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the loco on the end, as it was one of the more unusual Class 66 liveries.


The show was a good one, with some very good layouts, and a good variety of trade.  I think the best layouts there were ones that I had seen before, but there was a lot to look at.  And I managed to buy a few electrical odds and ends that I wanted (and a couple of coaches.)

Allan was helping Sean and Lucas run Leonard, that had been boxed up for about four years.  Still looks good….

It was good to see Outwell Village again.  One of my favourite layouts on the exhibition circuit – Wisbech and Upwell tramway in OO.


I haven’t seen Tarring Neville for a while – probably since an Uckfield show.  I’ve always liked how this shunting layout can be viewed from three sides, and this probably influenced my Kuritu build.

Talking of odd shaped layouts, Railroad Crossing (HO) is a shunting puzzle, but with lots of very good scenic work, especially the buildings, around it.


Good again to see was Copper Wort in OO.  A Burton-on-Trent brewery railway with lots of shunting, interesting industrial buildings, and of course barrels!  And it’s a circular (well, octagonal) layout.  What isn’t there to like?

Finally today, Habbaniya, Iraq, 1941 is a well exhibited diorama, with planes, trains, and military vehicles, all with forced perspective.  Always worth another look!


More pictures from the show next time.

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