Tonbridge MRC show 2023 #2

I guess the last post had my favourites from Tonbridge.  But there were plenty of layouts to see, and here are most of the rest….

We’ll start with Feltham Road (OO).  Loco shed layouts are the current in-thing, I guess, not least because most of us have far too many engines and nowhere to put them.  Feltham Road is an excellent example of the genre, and is a compressed version of the real Feltham shed, modelled in its later, roofless, days.  And lots of lovely Southern locos on shed as well.


Gordon & Maggie Gravett’s Arun Quay is again a familiar exhibit, but full of detail.  I took a picture of the display of how they made a lightweight baseboard from foam and very thin plywood.

Micro-layouts.  Lancaster Lane, Fawcett Street and Illston.


OO9, Compass Point and River Crane Mill.  Looks like the tide’s out!


More narrow gauge (21mm gauge, 7mm scale) at Fintonagh.  I’d seen this layout several times before, but it’s always worth enjoying the very well executed town scenery.


Network SouthEast at Tidsworth….


Southern region at Hobbs Hill.  This took sound to a new level, with an ice cream van….


And last of the layouts, New Walmington Pier, returning to the Tonbridge show 22 years later.  A micro-layout ahead of its time?


So after a pleasant morning, a few pictures of Tonbridge yard on the way home.  Not very good, I’m afraid, through the carriage windows.  Gone are the days of putting the window down and hanging out!

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