Finishing all those projects #1

Looking at all the projects that I have started, and need to finish, I’ve decided to have a few weeks of trying to finish a few things – before returning to the Minories.  Of course, I may decide to build another plastic kit, as well, for a bit of light relief.

Regular readers with a very good memory will remember how, nearly three years ago, I posted this picture of some Messerschmitt bubble cars on flat wagons parked near Brighton.

And a few days later Duncan found a 3D file of an Isetta bubble car, and offered to print me off a few to see how they came out. Here they are, nicely printed in clearish resin.  The print was blown up a little in size, and has a few angled planes rather than curves, but you have to look closely to see this.

So, at last, here’s the first complete wagon with three bubble cars aboard.  I’ve quite a few more to do, but I need to paint a few in different colours to give variety to the train.  And I need to add the tiny transfers to the Lowfit wagons.


The camera, as is often the case in N gauge, is cruel, but I’m pleased with the first wagon and hope that my painting (and dusting) will improve with the next wagons.

And the other projects to be finished?  All may be revealed in future posts (if my patience doesn’t run out by then.)

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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