Finishing all those projects #2

We return to the bubblecars, and I make no apology for repeating this atmospheric picture of the approach to Brighton.  Must admit, I wouldn’t mind a model of that EMU in the background.

Research at the time (for research read Google) turned up this useful picture that basically said paint the bubble cars any colour you like (I didn’t do a pink one in the end.)


So here’s the completed project.  Using my American yard as a photo plank, here are 10 wagons loaded up with 30 bubble cars. The camera is cruel, as the picture of the single wagon is probably larger than life. But the train from normal viewing distance looks OK. And I did it myself (with a little help from Peco [wagons] and Duncan [3d bubbles]!)



What skills have I refined through this project?  Patience – to come back and finish the job.  Transfers – the Cambridge Custom Transfers are excellent, but tiny and difficult to get right.  There are a few bits that broke off, but I guess the prototype lettering wasn’t perfect.   Painting – trusting a steady hand to do the details, and careful use of multiple coats of thinned acrylic paint.  I’ve learn from my recent plastic kit building here.

And the next project to be finished?  I hunted this down in the bottom of a drawer.  So more next time.


And a bonus video from Brian – a REAL multiple unit visiting Redhill.

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