Die Dawes-Brüder gehen nach Osten #1

Or words to that effect!  Ron says….

Allan and I travelled today by Eurostar and Thalys to Cologne without any problems. We have just received emails advising us that due to social action, which I assume to be strike, our train back to Brussels on Friday has been cancelled. I have managed to get 2 seats on DB train for an extra €125, which bit am now claiming back from Thalys.

And Allan comments, passing through Liege….

How about this for a station?

And passing through Belgium….

And view from their Cologne hotel window.  You do know how to pick them, Ron (though Allan would have probably preferred a view over the local sidings.


Day 2.  I always enjoy Ron’s weather forecast.  Invariably more accurate than the Met Office!

Started sunny but turned cloudy. Went up the Drachenfels, overlooking the Rhine, and then doubled back to head north west to travel on the monorail.



Cologne and the Rhine…

Cologne in 1945.  Just a little different…

Cologne Hbf from the Rhine side…


And some trains to finish….

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1 Response to Die Dawes-Brüder gehen nach Osten #1

  1. Allan says:

    Did you notice the sign on the side of the bridge?

    There a dragon on it. For the top of the 🐉 Dragonfels.


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